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The Canals of Ellensburg

Ellensburg, Washington

1,220 homes as well as mixed-use retail, office, and light industrial, A complete "live-work-play" masterplan by an award-winning and highly experienced planning team. On the doorstep of Ellensburg, a livable university town 107 miles from Seattle, but a world away from its rain, traffic and high prices. More information in this overview video, or contact us for details:

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 5.21.18 PM.png
MASTERPLAN - ELLENSBURG print with aerial base.jpg


ABOVE, the Illustrative Master Plan shows the proximity to Interstate 90 (to the south) and Canyon Road (to the west), the doorstep of Ellensburg. The twin lakes are existing, and the new development will extend  a series of canals and ponds around the lakes, and into a network of greenways, parks and open spaces. The new community will be a beautiful walkable, bikeable neighborhood, just a mile from downtown and Central Washington University. BELOW, the "regulating plan" shows the different areas and kinds of buildings in the community.


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