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Live-Work-Play Neighborhoods

As many know, there is an exciting new model of development emerging across the USA -- combining homes with places to shop and even to work, in a traditional neighborhood setting. Variously known as walkable mixed-use, New Urbanism, or live-work-play neighborhoods, many of these projects have seen stunning success.  For example, Daybreak, Utah saw sales of1,055 new homes in 2020, shattering records for any new home community in Utah, and becoming the 5th best-selling master-planned community in the nation (see profile below).


This model is not for every builder - but it IS for builders who want to build a top-quality product, and reap the rewards. Our team has been responsible for a number of these projects, and we have the expertise to make it work (and to assist builders in achieving success).  Part of our approach is to create carefully customized design guidelines, providing flexibility to builders in meeting the market while also providing clear expectations about the  buyer-friendly look and feel of the community. We think that's a good way to achieve success together.   

Here are some examples of similar (and successful) live-work-play projects across the country. These projects are alley-loaded, pedestrian-friendly, typically on long but narrow lots, and often with detached garages.  

Seabrook Image.png

Seabrook, Washington

Seabrook, located on the Washington Coast, was conceived as a new walkable, mixed-use town starting in 2002.  Since its start Seabrook has led the region in remarkably strong home sales, even holding steady through the 2008 recession and coming back with new record sales. Home prices have spanned from $335,000 to over $5 million, a testament to Seabrook's broad market range and diversity of customers. Currently 550 housing units are complete with an additional 1,400 entitled.  Great placemaking and careful design have proven a winning formula for success. Our urban designer and planner, Laurence Qamar, has continued to serve as Seabrook's principal Town Planner as well as designer for many of the buildings since its start.

Orenco Station, Oregon

Over its 15-year buildout, Orenco Station sold or rented over 2,400 homes and over 600,000 square feet of retail, and garnered a raft of awards including NAHB Best Masterplanned Community in the USA. Our project planner Michael Mehaffy was the project manager, co-designer and development executive for the master developer.

Orenco Image.png

New Town at St Charles, Missouri

This 747 acre project of 440 homes is located in the St. Louis suburb of St Charles, featuring walkable mixed-use, alleys, live-works, accessory dwellings, commercial spaces, and a distinctive canal design. Sales have been brisk, and MarketGraphics named it the best-selling development out of 17,280 communities in 16 states.

New Town Image.png
Daybreak Image.png

Daybreak, Utah

Daybreak is a master-planned traditional neighborhood community on over 4,000 acres, featuring alleys, greenways, lakes and canals, walkable streets, and a mix of uses. The ultimate buildout projects 20,000 residential units and over 9 million square feet of commercial space. In 2020, Daybreak was the 5th Best Selling Master Planned Community in the US, selling 1,055 new homes, and shattering previous statewide sales records. 

I'on Image.png

I'on Village, SC

I'on, near Charleston, includes 756 homes, commercial, live-works, canals, and an extensive ecological preserve. I'on was one of the early standout successes of traditional mixed walkable developments. Just 18 months after construction started, homes had appreciated in value 40 to 50 percent, helping to boost home values across the area. 

Carlton Landing, Oklahoma

This impressive new lakefront community boasts a series of neighborhoods which at buildout will include more than 3,000 homes, a town center with shops, restaurants and other businesses, a K-12 school where students can safely walk, many ecological design features, and an assortment of gardens, parks, pools, lakefront docks, and farms.

Carlton Landing Image.png
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